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3D Laser scanning services & As-Buit Surveys

We rebuild the geometry of elements and infrastructures using 3D laser scanner technology

Generation of Archicad models for BIM solutions

We generate 3D and 2D plans following the highest standards of Archicad technical drawing. Through laser scanner technology we obtain point clouds with which to generate the documentation of any architectural, engineering or industrial element in a three-dimensional and two-dimensional way.
Scanphase we produce complete and information-rich 3D BIM models from point cloud data. Our Scan to BIM services are used due to our long-term experience of working on point cloud modeling projects.

Scan to ArchiCAD

Our services provide conversion of scans to ArchiCAD. We use the latest technology to convert point cloud into detailed ArchiCAD 3D models for architects, engineers, surveyors, facility managers, and construction companies.
Our ArchiCAD models are created natively in ArchiCAD software and standard ArchiCAD components are used to generate models with a good level of detail.
Various point cloud formats such as .las, .pts, .ptx, .xyz, .ply, .fls, .rcp / rcs, .txt and others can be provided as input and we can generate ArchiCAD models for up to LOD 300.
We can also provide detailed dimensioned drawings such as floor plans, elevations and sections according to customer requirements.


Point Cloud to ArchiCAD

We combine Scan to BIM models for existing buildings with models for new / renovated areas of a building. Our models feature beams, columns, ceilings, internal walls, external landscaping, and MEP accessories.
The ArchiCAD 3D model that we create from laser scan data provides information on construction materials, conditions, and costs. We also model building alterations and changes from architectural and structural plans, such as false ceilings and additional structural elements.

Work methodology

We listen to your requirements to understand what you are looking to achieve with a BIM model. Below, based on your report, we will issue a detailed solution to provide you with an ArchiCAD BIM model of the building from point cloud data. We will also provide you with a schedule for the delivery of your ArchiCAD model.
From our experience, we have found that a detailed BIM model in advance will save time, stress and money in the long run and the duration of your project. The model will allow you to explore concepts and designs with clarity and confidence.


Work with point clouds with ArchiCAD

ArchiCAD opens the .xyz and .e57 file formats and converts them to objects, which can be placed on the floor plan or in the 3D window. Then the user can align the building model with point clouds, on the floor plans, sections / elevations.
Import the point cloud files for the following workflows:


  • Modeling of existing buildings before renovation: The point cloud serves as the initial basis for the architectural model of the reconstructed / renovated building.

  • Modeling the environment before creating a new building: Importing point clouds to create a rough model of the environment and neighboring buildings, as a visualization aid.

  • Modeling of the building "as built" to detect deviations from the planned state.

Graphisoft Archicad, Point Cloud to ArchiCAD, laser scanning, BIM, laser scanner, Barcelona, ​​3D scanning, Spain
Scan to ArchiCAD, Point Cloud, laser scanning, BIM, laser scanner, Barcelona, ​​3D scanning, Spain
Point Cloud to ArchiCAD, laser scanning, BIM, laser scanner, Barcelona, ​​3D scanning, Spain
Scan to ArchiCAD, Scan to BIM, Graphisoft Archicad, Point Cloud, laser scanning, BIM, laser scanner, Barcelona, ​​3D Scanning, Spain
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