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3D Laser scanning services & As-Buit Surveys

We rebuild the geometry of elements and infrastructures using 3D laser scanner technology

Generation of Archicad models for BIM solutions

At Scanphase, we excel in the meticulous generation of 3D and 2D plans that rigorously comply with the highest technical drawing standards, especially focused on the Graphisoft ArchiCAD platform. Using cutting-edge laser scanning technology, we capture extremely precise point clouds that serve as a basis for the detailed preparation of three-dimensional and two-dimensional documentation of different elements belonging to the fields of architecture, engineering and industry.

Our process involves transforming these point clouds into complete and highly informative 3D BIM models. These models are robust in their information content, encompassing a detailed and accurate representation of the scanned environment. The richness of data captured is essential for the creation of reliable BIM models, which provide a comprehensive understanding of the structure and allow for its exhaustive analysis.

The specialized BIM laser scanning services we offer are highly valued in the industry. This assessment derives from our extensive and long-term experience in successfully executing point cloud-based modeling projects. Our commitment focuses on excellence and delivering results that exceed our clients' expectations, providing solutions that drive efficiency and precision in the field of three-dimensional visualization and analysis.

Scan to ArchiCAD

Our services focus on the meticulous conversion of scans to the ArchiCAD platform. We use the most advanced technology to transform the point cloud into detailed three-dimensional ArchiCAD models. These models are specially designed to meet the needs of architects, engineers, surveyors, facilities managers and construction companies.

In Scanphase, the creation of ArchiCAD models is carried out natively within the ArchiCAD software environment, capitalizing on native components to generate models with a high degree of detail. The essence of this approach lies in optimizing the quality and fidelity of the models produced.

Additionally, we provide flexibility in terms of accepted point cloud formats, including .las, .pts, .ptx, .xyz, .ply, .fls, .rcp/rcs, .txt, and others. This variety allows us to address a wide range of input data and, in turn, produce ArchiCAD models up to level of development (LOD) 300.

In addition, we are able to generate detailed dimensioned drawings, such as floor plans, elevations and sections, adapted to the precise specifications of each client. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service that culminates in the delivery of products that meet and even exceed our customers' expectations.


Point Cloud to ArchiCAD

At Scanphase, we carry out the harmonious fusion of models from scanning to BIM, integrating both the existing structures of a building and the areas intended for renovation or expansion. Our models are distinguished by containing essential elements such as beams, columns, ceilings, internal walls, as well as exterior landscaping elements and MEP accessories.

The three-dimensional model in ArchiCAD that we generate from the data collected by laser scanning provides an in-depth analysis of construction materials, conditions and cost estimates. This approach allows us to provide an accurate and complete representation of the physical and logical structure of the building.

In addition, our models cover architectural modifications and changes derived from both architectural and structural plans. Elements such as false ceilings and additional structures find their meticulous representation in our modeling, providing a comprehensive understanding of the evolution and transformations experienced by the building over time.

Work methodology

At Scanphase, we make a point of listening carefully to your requirements to fully understand your objectives in achieving a BIM model. From this initial analysis, we will develop a thorough solution that will culminate in the provision of an ArchiCAD BIM model of the building, based on data extracted from the point cloud. Additionally, we will establish a precise schedule for the delivery of your model in ArchiCAD.

Based on our vast experience, we have confirmed that the early preparation of a detailed BIM model represents an investment that pays off in time savings, minimization of stress and long-term financial optimization for the duration of your project. This model will give you the ability to explore concepts and designs with unprecedented insight and certainty, raising efficiency and precision in every phase of your project.


Work with point clouds with ArchiCAD

ArchiCAD is distinguished by its ability to open and transform files in .xyz and .e57 formats into manageable objects, which can be easily integrated into the floor plan or 3D views. This functionality allows the user to position the building model in line with the point clouds, both in the floor plans and in the sections/elevations.

Importing point cloud files represents a crucial milestone in several essential workflows:

  • Modeling of existing buildings before renovation: The point cloud stands as the primary basis for the conception of the architectural model that will represent the reconstructed or renovated building. This process involves careful integration of the rich information that point clouds encapsulate, providing an accurate initial representation that serves as a platform for further refinements and adjustments.

  • Modeling of the environment prior to the creation of a new building: The import of point clouds takes on significant value when conceiving an approximate model of the environment and adjacent structures. This initial model facilitates the visualization and comprehensive understanding of the environment in which the new building is projected. Additionally, this approach provides valuable perspective that allows informed decisions to be made in the design process.

  • Modeling the building in its original construction state to detect deviations from the planned design: Importing and overlaying the point cloud in the BIM model allows a thorough comparison between the theoretical design and the building as built. This comparison makes it possible to identify and evaluate existing deviations, allowing professionals to take relevant corrective measures and thus guaranteeing fidelity to the original design to the extent possible. In short, this approach strengthens the quality and precision of the construction in line with the projected vision.

Graphisoft Archicad, Point Cloud to ArchiCAD, laser scanning, BIM, laser scanner, Barcelona, ​​3D scanning, Spain
Detailed modeling in Graphisoft Archicad, from laser scanning point cloud, Scan to BIM, laser scanner in Europe (Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Portugal...)
Detailed modeling in Graphisoft Archicad, from laser scanning point cloud, Scan to BIM, laser scanner in Europe (Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Portugal...)
Detailed modeling in Graphisoft Archicad, from laser scanning point cloud, Scan to BIM, laser scanner in Europe (Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Portugal...)
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