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3D Laser scanning services & As-Buit Surveys

We rebuild the geometry of elements and infrastructures using 3D laser scanner technology

About us

We are a company specialized in services of 3D digitalization and measurement with laser scanner by means of the collection, analysis, presentation and delivery of the geospatial information. We perform high-definition geometric capture and documentation, thoroughly reconstructing the geometry of landscapes, objects or infrastructures. The service we provide is useful for architects, engineers, BIM developers, government institutions, companies, scientists and artists.

Our job

​​We perform services of collection, analysis, presentation and delivery of the geospatial information through Laser Scanners. We are able to detect the details of a researched environment / scene, allowing a detailed reconstruction of the geometry of the different elements: from small objects to large infrastructures. After scanning the data, they are processed in high quality 3D models, which have the advantage of highlighting all the anomalies in the natural elements or in the infrastructures. This allows us to obtain accurate models of the actual situation of a building or facility, so that documentation or maintenance projects can be carried out based on their actual situation. In addition, they allow to compare the temporal evolution of an object, allowing to identify deformations, movements, etc.

Technological solution


The laser scanner is a system that measures the distance from the scanner to the surface of an object and its spatial position (X, Y, Z) in the form of a cloud at high speed (from several thousand to one million points per second) Of points. Using laser scanning we create precise 3D models, which represent the spatial relationship between the elements of the object. Laser scanning technology enables the generation of 3D models quickly (reverse engineering), as well as 2D documentation of industrial installations, engineering and architecture. Particularly useful for BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects widely used in architectural and engineering projects. It is an excellent alternative to traditional methods, which can not deal with object access problems, safety measurements or time and accuracy restrictions.

The laser scanning process

3D laser scanning is the process of converting physical objects into precise digital models, which allow you to quickly and accurately capture the shape and geometry of your objects. This process provides you with a complete digital representation of the architecture, infrastructure or heritage element to be used for reverse engineering, quality inspection or at any point in a manufacturing cycle.

Through high definition scanning services, it is possible to create new 3D models from the existing construction conditions, which ultimately translate into element documentation.

3D laser scanning services have a significantly faster response time compared to other traditional methods and provide a large amount of visual aids during the design phase, extremely useful to streamline project reviews with all those interested in the project and provide an even higher level of quality to the customer.

A common misconception of 3D scanning technology is that it is simply an incremental technological advance of capture, which provides a safer, richer and faster method of acquiring spatial data for topographic applications. While this is certainly an application of 3D scanning (and a very important one), technology provides countless opportunities for customers, managers of projects, architects and engineers to monitor, evaluate and analyze the physical data captured from the environment using most common modeling software tools such as Autocad, Revit, Archicad, Solidworks, Tekla, Inventor and others.


In addition to saving time and money to perform the same tasks with traditional methods, 3D scanning offers decision makers a revolutionary tool to assess existing conditions, evaluate construction progress, conduct structural and cultural assessments, record the built conditions and manage large asset portfolios. In many ways, 3D scanning establishes a solid basis for the overall improvement of information management in projects and asset management programs.

3D Laser Scanning and 3D Digitization, architecture, engineering, industry. Point cloud, Scan to BIM
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