We rebuild the geometry of elements and infrastructures using 3D laser scanner technology

Digitalization of industrial facilities

Industrial and manufacturing facilities are very dynamic spaces, so your 3D laser scanning solutions must also be dynamic.

In manufacturing and manufacturing facilities, materials and products must flow through factories with great efficiency to keep costs and productivity low. That is one of the reasons why factories are constantly optimizing plant designs: moving elements, removing old equipment, adding new equipment, etc. For example, automotive plants make changes every year to meet the manufacturing requirements of the new car models. Over time, all these changes can lead to a poor understanding of what is actually in the factory, where these assets are located and how much space they consume in three dimensions.

Our job is to use our laser scanning solutions to create a 3D reality capture of the installation and its contents. Once the point cloud model is transferred to our customer, they can be integrated into a modeling solution (eg Autodesk Factory Design Suite) and used as a basis to help locate equipment and create new streams of more efficient products.

We can also perform more specific tasks, such as scanning the desired route of the incoming equipment to its final position. By creating a real capture, we can help our clients accurately calculate the constraints and 3D space spaces. You can model the dimensions of the new equipment and move it virtually through the path in the point cloud model to find conflicts and interference, minimizing costs and greatly reducing downtime on the line.

Industrial maintenance and facilities management require visibility. Older facilities, in particular, require centralizing information. Documentation about machines, pipes, electrical equipment and previous renovations is often stored in scattered paper sources. Sometimes, this information is stored only in the memories of some experienced employees. This may present a nightmare scenario for planning and maintenance, particularly for the new administration.

Point clouds, 3D models and laser scans are a simple way to capture, store and visualize detailed information about physical space. Now they are being used proactively in high-end construction, renovation and manufacturing projects. Recently, this technology has been used with great effect for the management of facilities and the continuous maintenance of existing spaces.

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