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3D Laser scanning services & As-Buit Surveys

We rebuild the geometry of elements and infrastructures using 3D laser scanner technology

Digitization of heritage elements

Within cultural heritage are considered all those monuments, buildings or landscapes of exceptional universal value from the point of view of history, art or science. These sites are often threatened by environmental conditions, structural instability, increased tourism and development, and are most likely underfunded and, therefore, inadequately documented and maintained. Laser scanning, in combination with other digital and traditional documentation techniques, provides a particularly useful way to document the characteristics of these sites. This spatial information not only provides an accurate record of these sites that can be saved for later exploitation, but also provides a detailed data set by which site managers, archaeologists and curators can monitor and perform the necessary restoration work to guarantee your physical integrity.

3D laser scanning particularly useful for its ability to accurately capture complex and irregular features of the element quickly and remotely. This has obvious benefits over traditional harvesting techniques.

Its combination with photographic images allows to achieve a complete set of base data.

Once collected, these basic data can be revisited over time as funds require or the need to extract a variety of products, including:


  • 2D deliverables: plans, sections, elevations, topographic survey

  • 3D models: delivered in DWG, DGN or Revit format (according to need).

  • 3D topographic surveys.

  • Point clouds RGB (Color)

  • Orthoimages

  • Mesh models: combining scan data with high resolution digital images suitable for 3D printing

  • Animations and aerial views.

Considerations on the models, methods and tools for the study of heritage buildings

The objective is to observe, model, describe, analyze and understand the construction of heritage through visualization tools and spatial-temporal analysis of numerical models derived from computer systems, using for this the acquisition by laser or photomodelling, enriched by parametric modeling and semantic characterization of the architectural objects represented.

Three aspects to consider:

to. Topography, geometric restitution and semantic characterization of architectural forms: It focuses on the definition of innovative capture and architectural representation methods that integrate spatial data acquisition technologies, three-dimensional data semantic characterization approaches, as well as solutions for the geometric representation of architectural forms based on parametric models.

3D laser scanning, 3D scanning of heritage elements,BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Digitalization of heritage elements, 3D laser scanning, Scan, Laser scanning, Point Cloud

b. 3D analysis, structuring and visualization of information and knowledge: will try to answer, through the practice (s), some of the issues raised by the introduction of new technologies in the study of heritage construction. Specifically, and in particular, the identification, acquisition and representation of relevant metric data, the structuring, interconnection and visualization of information about the building and its evolutions, its historical and geographical contextualization, its legibility as an individual within a collection, ie , in a chain of activities that range from data collection to valuation.

c. Definition of multimodal devices for simulation, consultation and assessment: The objective is to design and develop analysis and consultation systems for the dissemination and exchange of digital representations of heritage buildings within the scientific and professional communities related to the problems of conservation, restoration and restoration. patrimonial planning, as well as presentation devices for the appreciation to the general public.

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Digitization of heritage elements, 3D laser scanning, Scan, Laser scanning
3D Laser Scanner -Digitalization of heritage elements
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